L'Année Du Bélier

by Oxwill

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released May 28, 2011



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Oxwill Finland

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Track Name: Dancer?
we are human - we are dancer
we are human - we are cancer
we are human - we are dancer
we are human - that is the answer

when winter solstice - spreads its wings (we can´t turn back...)
and darkness falls - upon the land (...the hands of doom)
pillars come - crushing down
like castles - built of sand

we wear the mark - on our foreheads

puppeteer´s strings - falling down like rain
faceless marionettes - mannequins of phantom pain
Track Name: 20/10
good old days - are dead
welcome - twenty ten
say your - final prayers
world is coming - to an end

goodbye my love, goodbye

past is gone - future´s not here
this is our moment - but the end is near
(end is here)

i´m not a religious man - i serve no priest
but this is my testament - my end time preach

mankind is drowning - swallowed by the sea
hear my prophecy - you will see

open the champagne - and raise your glass
dance and celebrate - the last graduating class

kill - g-o-d
disobey - d-o-g

you are selfish - not doing your deed
nothing but a cliché - of an arrogant breed
Track Name: There Will Be Blood
you are pure and white - innocent, a virgin mind
you are the light - drunk from the christ
i am the night - drunk from the might
from the blood and might

i made you
now i have to break you
i made you
i break you
hope you learn
you will learn

my bloody handprint - on your forehead
i am your god - i am your saviour
a crippled god - a dying god
kill your god

pray for...
...final redemption - for final salvation
now pray

our father which art in heaven - hallowed be thy name
thy kingdom come - thy will be done